About Fortran Corporation

Fortran is a public investment, holding, and advisory firm that has subsidiary companies in the Telecommunications and Data sector.

Our subsidiary companies are converting the historical and traditional Telecom business model to a Telecom-As-A-Service ("TaaS"). The TaaS model that our subsidiary companies offer is comprised of design, network service, technical certifications, remote monitoring, on-site service, with dedicated sales and engineering.

With these companies being able to offer these modern telecommunication technologies, companies, and organizations that have new or update-needed install requirements can save hundreds or even thousands compared to aging copper or wired digital infrastructures. Furthermore, companies can now integrate their voice platform with data network technology to improve collaboration and usability. Our subsidiary companies offer one-stop service and products to provide these organizations with the very best in both value and quality for communications and data network services.


Established in 1988, Fortran Communications, Inc. has been serving the communications needs of South Carolina businesses and governments for over 31 years.

Fortran Communications offers traditional and converged platforms that integrate with an organization's current SC voice and data solutions. Whether a small office or a large call center, Fortran provides solutions that will meet current and future communications needs.

They also offer new or upgraded Voice, Data, and Networking installations and can provide a dedicated Customer Service Representative to train an organization's staff.

Fortran Communications has 24/7 representatives to handle simple problem resolutions over the phone, or we can log in remotely.

They are Headquarters are in Summerville, South Carolina, with service centers located throughout the State; they can provide service to all areas of South Carolina. Fortran’s day to day operations is managed by a team of professionals with over 50 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, and their technicians were chosen not only for their technical skills but also for their people skills.


B & L Telephone has been providing communication solutions to customers in the Foothills of North Carolina for over 36 years. B & L sells, configures, services, and maintains NEC Communication Solutions in western North Carolina. Along with these services, B & L also offers data networking design, fiber and structured cabling installation, and other related products and services. They also have data and communication systems 24/7 remote and on-site maintenance contracts with small to medium-sized businesses and government entities.

B & L Telephone serves the Catawba, Burke, Alexander and Caldwell County areas and along with other businesses in Western North Carolina.


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Below are from some of our subsidiary company's installations


Some of the products and brands our companies work with

  • NEC Technologies NEC Technologies
  • Ortronics Ortronics
  • Commscope Commscope
  • Chatsworth Chatsworth
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Glenn Withers
CEO & President
Dayne Miller
Chief Financial Officer
Kent Greer
General Manager
Steve Bruner
Director of Operations, B & L Telephone
Mary Ackermann
Director of Operations, Fortran Communications, Inc.
Glenn Withers
Chairman of the Board
Brett Bartalomi
Vice Chair
Dayne Miller
Doug Miller